Curved glass

Contour has been a specialist in glass bending since 1992. Simple straight 2D shaped glass sheets, but also more complex shapes and bends. Round, spherical 2D, 3D, or asymmetrically sagging; all these shapes hold no secrets for us. We specialise in smaller dimensions of glass products and high quality with minimal tolerances.

We bend glass in the following sizes

thicknesses from 2 to 19 mm

dimensions up to approx. 110x80 cm.

What is curved glass

Curved glass is ordinary glass (also called float glass) that has been heated in a special furnace so that it sags and takes the desired shape. The glass is placed in an oven on a mould. After heating gently to around 600°C, the glass softens and takes on the shape of the mould. Once the glass reaches the desired depth, it is cooled to room temperature over several hours. After bending, the glass still has the same properties, such as hardness, clarity, etc. as the original glass.

Our bent glass and bent safety glass is used in various industries and product types.

Curved glass for illumination (lighting in glass)

Glass products are made to customer specification and are exclusively reserved for this customer. Technical options are often discussed during the design process at the design stage so that the glass parts fit perfectly and form an integral part of the luminaire.

Curved glass for industry

Parts with an industrial application are produced in larger series. Here, too, tolerances are very important and we pride ourselves on always delivering on or even before the agreed delivery date. The parts may consist of bent glass, but are often combined with other techniques such as printing, tempering or sandblasting.

gebogen glas woonaccessoires

Curved glass for furniture and home accessories

Glass parts for furniture and home accessories can consist of bent-, cut- or tempered glass or a combination of these. Possibly with parts blasted, printed or glued together.


Curved glass in glass artwork and in glass monument

Several glass techniques are often combined for these one-off glass objects. Naturally, even with artistic glass objects and glass monuments, we consult very closely with the customer on the shape and execution than the products.

Ordering curved glass

What is the best way to order glass from us? The best way is to send us an e-mail stating the application of the product and the desired version of the glass. Based on the drawing and additional info, we can discuss what is the best solution for you.


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Producing glass parts for lighting industry, machine and equipment construction, interior design and manufacturers of other consumer products, among others.

To customer specification and using a wide range of glass processing techniques.

That is our core activity.