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The knowledge and experience of more than 25 years working in the glass bussiness is at your disposal !

Over time Contour became the absolute specialist in the field of bend and tempered glass.

Small size and complex shapes, from prototyping to medium size series. That is what we suply.

A few years ago we changed the way of working to a smaller scale with more focus on the bend and tempered glass and advizing. We can still help you with glas products but also on services like training and advisory.

Bend and tempered glass

- maximum size: about 40x80 cm height: about 20 cm
- glass thickness: from 4mm up
- number: form 1 piece to several hundreds
- specials like printing, holes, sandblasting: at request
- general tolerances: +/- 0,5mm.
- quality: after consultation according to NEN-EN, DIN or BS


Training can be given in the field of:
- bending glass
- melting and fusing of glass
- general glass working techniques

All trainings are custom made and suited to your specific needs.


I am able to provide you with advice on glass matter concerning:
1) glass technique
      - solving problems in bending, tempering or other warm-glass processes
      - solving problems and improving ovens
      - finding solutions on other glass machines and glass manufacturing processes
2) production-organisation
      - process improvements
      - improving efficienty and logistics
      - advice regarding investments on glass machines
3) financial
      - advice on costs and earnings regarding investments
      - costs and price calculations

All company data encountered will be regardes as confidential.


Practical support may consist of:
1)  installation of machines
2)  repair and maintenance of glass bending furnaces and other glass machinery
3)  specialt glass bending work at location
4)  measurement, testing and trouble shooting
5)  innovation related to
         - technical improvements
         - start up of new techniques

Please feel free to contact me, if you feel we are able to help you in any way: